Wetsuite Care

To get the most out of your wetsuit follow these simple steps in ensuring your suit remains in excellent condition.

  1. When putting your wetsuit on ensure you do not dig your nails into the neoprene as this can tear it.
  2. If possible get someone else to zip your wetsuit up.  This will reduce the risk of it splitting below the zip.
  3. If you find you get a wetsuit rash around your neck make sure you use a wetsuit specific lubricant such as Body Glide as petroleum jelly can damage the suit.
  4. After every use wash your wetsuit inside and out with cold fresh water.
  5. Do not leave it in the back of your car until your next swim!  Using a wide armed hanger, hanging your wetsuit inside out will allow it to dry quicker.
  6. Store your wetsuit out of direct sunlight.  Preferably inside out to avoid tearing the outer neoprene.

Wetsuit Repair

It is easy to tear your triathlon wetsuit, looking after it and putting it on carefully is the best way to avoid this but inevitably you will tear or knick it at some point.

The photo shows a typical fingernail tear.

You will need the following to repair your wetsuit:

  • Neoprene Glue (Black Witch £5 from B2P)
  • Cotton bud or something to spread the glue
  • Sticky tape

These instructions take you step by step through the wetsuit repair process.

If you find a bigger hole in your wetsuit then you will need to stitch it with a needle and thread before it is glued.  We are able to do this at B2P, or if it is beyond our expertise we can send your wetsuit to a specialist wetsuit repair company who are able to replace entire panels of the wetsuit that have worn out or are beyond repair.